About me

Markova cares

"Coaching has been my life long hobby"

  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Member Life Coach of Nederland BCC
  • Amsterdam University CoachingUp board member
  • Certified Psychological Coach
About me
  • Member board of directorate BCN Russia
  • Student head of d Russia
  • Chattered member of certified professional

Hello, My name is Markova cares. I am a certified Life Coach with experience in so many areas of professional Life Coaching schemes. Having been worked in many organizations as regards Life Coaching, psychological Coaching and so other departments that have to do with taking care of depressed and confused sets of people. The people that have found out that the situation they found themselves in that can lead to something unimaginable in their life.

I help people to challenge their fears and discover their potentials to be able to be who they are meant to be. 

I have acquired many certificates and training in this area and have also acquired experience with many years of working, learning, and tutoring.

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